Mil's Diner
36 S Abbott Ave | Milpitas, CA 95035 | (408) 946-4773

About Mil'S Diner

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Periviolotis Family Photo

      When the Perivoliotis family immigrated from Greece, they had high hopes to attain "The American Dream". Roula and Louie penny pinched whatever they could from their beginning, low-wage jobs so that they might - one day - be able to open their own restaurant. And that, they did. In 1996 they became the owners and operators of Mil's Diner in Milpitas. Now, their two children, Effie and George, also support and work at the restaurant alongside their parents. The Perivoliotis family takes pride in every meal they serve.

      Though originally from a Greek background, Louie and Roula became engrossed in the food service culture of America. At Mil's Diner, they've successfully perfected the recipes for all time-honored, American dishes. But, if you come during lunch time on the weekdays, you can see their Greek-only Specials Menu!